Parents FAQs

What are the contact details for St. Mary’s Primary School?

St. Mary's Church of England Primary School,

Oldham Road
OL11 2HB

Telephone number: 01706 648125


Where do I drop my child off in the morning?

The school day starts at 8.45am; gates open at 8.35am and are shut at 8.50am.
The school uses an electronic register to register children’s attendance in the morning and afternoon, this will be done in the classroom as soon as children enter the classroom at 8.50am and is sent electronically to the office.  Arrivals after 8.50am will be marked as late and parents must bring their child to the front entrance and sign them in at the office.

All year groups will meet in the playground and will enter the school through either the infant door or junior door.

Reception will be greeted by a member of staff, we kindly ask parents to leave their child at inner playground gate and allow them to make their own way to their classroom.


What do I do if my child goes to Breakfast Club?

Breakfast club is operated by the school, it is run by Mrs Fielding who also works in the school office. It will be held in the hall from 7.30am-8.50am. Please use the front entrance on Oldham Road.

To register your child for Breakfast Club please fill out a registration form available from the school office.


Where do I collect my child from at the end of the day?

School will finish at 3.15pm. Parents should collect their child from the school playground. Please make sure you inform the office or your child’s teacher of any changes regarding the collection of your child.


What about if my child attends an after school club?

If your child attends after school club please collect them from the school hall using the front entrance on Oldham Road.


What do I do about my child's dinner money?

School dinners cost £2.50 per day, £12.50 for the week. Dinner money should be paid weekly in advance. You can pay dinner money via SIMS Pay 360, which is the preferred option, or at the school office, we have a card machine. If you pay in cash, we have yellow envelopes for you to complete all your child's details and post them in the secure red box in the front foyer. 


Who do I give my child's school trip money and other payments to?

For all payments, please use SIMS Pay 360 where you are also prompted to give your permission for your child to go on the trip.  If you do need to pay by cash, please make sure all money is put in a clearly marked envelope and attach any reply slips and post in the secure red box in the front foyer. 


What do I do if my child is absent?

If your child is absent you must phone the school before 9.00am.
All absences will be followed up by the school. All children should achieve at least 95% attendance and punctuality. Holidays will not be authorised during term time.


Any other queries…..

The school administration team will be happy to answer any other queries that you may have.