Miss Carey, Mr Carey and Miss Delaney would like to welcome you to Year 6's wonderful web page!

Our classroom is a warm, welcoming and happy environment with opportunities for all children to learn and grow. We respect and care for each other, encouraging everyone to be the best that they can be. We try our best to embody the school's Christian values in all that we do.

In Year 6 we strive to have high standards and expect all children to be wearing the correct uniform, complete all homework that is set (TTRS and Spelling Shed) and read at least three times a week, at home, to an adult.

Our Curriculum


This half term year 6 will be exploring some of Earth’s coldest and most hostile conditions and will be discovering all about the geography of these frozen realms.  We will learn about the climates, temperatures, habitats and eco-systems of the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as investigating the intrepid explorers who navigated these treacherous landscapes. We will become geographers as we use maps, atlases and globes to discover more about the frozen worlds we are studying and historians as we use evidence to explore historical explorers and the brave excursions that have allowed us to know so much about these distant, frozen lands.  We will further our learning by linking our writing to our topic.

In English we write in a cross curricular manner. During this half term, we will focus on chronological reports about the sinking of The Titanic, narratives based on our fabulous class novel Sky Song and letters from the intrepid explorer Robert Falcon Scott upon realising he and his team were doomed. 


In year 6 we will also be focusing closely on our SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and applying this knowledge consistently in our writing along with our amazing Alan Peat sentence structures. Year 6 will undertake a daily SPaG challenge plus further tasks throughout the week.
In Year 6, we constantly strive to be ambitious and effective writers, creating texts with purpose which entertain and inform our readers and using our best vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, punctuation and grammar. Below are the year 5/6 statutory spellings.




This half term, we will be reading SKY SONG BY ABI ELPHINSTONE. Here is a summary:


The snowy kingdom of Erkenwald was once a magical place—until an evil ice witch cursed the land and began stealing the voices of the kingdom’s people to strengthen her powers.
Eska is one of the many prisoners of the Ice Queen. With no memories of her past, Eska only knows that she cannot allow the Ice Queen to take her voice, that it might be special in some way...
When young inventor Flint sneaks into the Ice Queen’s palace in an attempt to rescue his mother, he ends up rescuing Eska instead. Together, Flint and Eska must journey to the Never Cliffs and beyond in search of an ancient, long-forgotten song with the power to end the Ice Queen’s reign and return voice back to the people of Erkenwald.
This is the story of an eagle huntress, a boy inventor, and a wicked queen in a castle made from ice. But it’s also a story about finding a place to belong, even at the farthest reaches of the world.


In reading lessons we will be focusing on out VIPERS skills: vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising.

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In our exciting science topic this half term, Year 6 will embark on a journey into the world of living things and their habitats. Get ready to become budding taxonomists as we explore how to classify animals in various ways, just like the famous scientist Carl Linnaeus did. Let's dive into the fascinating world of classification systems to learn more about the incredible diversity of life on Earth! Please see the knowledge organiser below for further information.

Year 6's ambitious mathematicians will be tackling lots of different areas of maths this half term, including number and place value; addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; fractions and geometry.


At the start of each lesson we undertake an arithmetic challenge (Fluent in Five) and each morning we do a mental maths challenge on our New Wave challenge sheets. This year we will be continuing our Power Maths scheme which focuses on reasoning and looking at questions in different ways.  So far we have really enjoyed challenging ourselves with the new material and have loved the discussion and partner work elements of the scheme.


We will continue to work on our arithmetic skills and times tables, as these underpin the basis of everything we do in maths. It would be fantastic if these skills could be practiced at home. We expect the children to use Times Table Rockstars at least twice weekly but please see Miss Carey if you would like any further help.



Each Friday, we will be practicing a set of 10 spellings as a class. Children's spellings are handed out on paper in order to practice spellings and handwriting at the same time. The Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List (please see above) will be on Spelling Shed throughout the year.

Learning Logs

Learning Log tasks are set on a Friday and you will have 2 weeks to complete them, returning them on a Friday. Information will be handed out on paper and posted on Class Dojo.

Maths homework is Timestable Rockstars which should be accessed at least twice a week. Please speak to a member of the team if you have problems logging on.


Children are expected to read every day in Year 6, in order to best prepare them for their SATs tests. Reading books should be in school every day and they can be changed whenever required.



Year 5 have PE on a MONDAY afternoon. They will need to wear:
- a plain white t-shirt
- plain black tracksuit bottoms or black PE shorts (no leggings please)
- a plain black jumper or tracksuit top 
- trainers

No logos or names on their tops, jumpers or bottoms please.

If you do not have a plain black jumper, children can wear their school jumpers as an alternative