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School Uniform

At St. Mary’s we take pride in our school uniform. We ask all children to wear the school uniform as it promotes the sense of shared identity and community within the school. We want children to take pride in their appearance so please encourage your child to come to school dressed smartly.

Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts and fleeces for outdoors are all available with the school logo from Topform and Moses in Rochdale. Alternatively you can purchase items without logos from any of the major supermarkets.


GIRLS WINTER                                                               BOYS WINTER

Grey skirt / pinafore / trousers                                          Grey shorts / trousers

White shirt or polo shirt                                                      White shirt / polo shirt

Red cardigan / sweatshirt / jumper                                     Red sweatshirt / jumper

Sensible sturdy black shoes                                            Sensible sturdy black shoes



GIRLS SUMMER                                                               BOYS SUMMER

Red/white gingham dress                                                   White school Polo Shirt

Or                                                                                        Grey shorts / trousers

White school Polo Shirt                                                       Red sweatshirt / jumper

Grey skirt

Red Cardigan / sweatshirt

Sensible sturdy black shoes                                            Sensible sturdy black shoes




Indoor - White polo shirt, black shorts & black pumps

Outdoor – Black jogging pants, black sweatshirt and trainers



Please adhere to the following guidelines:

We ask that long hair is tied back.

An excessive amount of gel should not be used

Children should not have designs shaven into their hair.

Hair decorations should be plain red or black.


Generally jewellery is neither safe nor appropriate for young children at school. We do therefore insist that these rules be followed:

  • Only one pair of stud earrings may be worn – no hoops/sleepers please.
  • No bracelets, chains, necklaces or rings should be worn.
  • Studs must be removed or covered during PE. Staff cannot assist in doing this.

Watches may be worn but please don’t let children bring expensive watches to school, particularly on PE and Swimming days, as the school cannot take responsibility if they are lost.