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Please can you send your child into school with a waterproof coat and welly boots as we will be working outside even when it is cold. If it is sunny and hot please apply all day sun cream before school.

Please may you ensure your child brings their water bottle to school every day.

Thank you! 

Reception Curriculum


 Foundation Years Booklet

Please click on the link below which takes you to a booklet designed by the Foundation Years. Its aim is to help you as a parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the EYFS.



Please see below for receptions yearly overview:



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 Welcome to Reception -

Miss Henry supported by Miss Webber and Mrs Oliwiak





In our classroom we respect and care for each other because we know that this helps to create a happy, healthy place to laugh and learn.

Our classroom is a positive classroom, a safe place to learn and develop. We have lots of different areas where we can learn, both inside and outside. In Reception we learn through play as well as through guided learning sessions. These sessions take place in both the indoor and outdoor environment.

This term we are learning all about the post office! We are going to be looking at what happens in the post office and how to write letters.

The EYFS is spit into 7 areas of learning:

Communication and Language (prime area)

In communication and language we are learning to listen to stories and retell them. We are focusing on asking and answering questions and developing our vocabulary.


Physical Development (prime area)

This term we will be working hard to use different materials and tools to strengthen our hands. We have started also started dough disco. This half term in P.E we are learning to move our bodies in different ways such as hopping, jumping and skipping. :)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (prime area)

We will be looking at our feelings. We are learning to develop our skills when working in a team. We are working on our turn taking skills and our ability to share our ideas with our friends.


Literacy (specific area)

In literacy we will be reading a range of different stories starting of with we're going on a bear hunt. We are also learning to write our names and simple words.


If you would like to support your child with their phonics work there are some useful websites: 
Letters and sounds
Phonics Play


Maths (specific area)

This term we are learning to count beyond 10, recognise 2D shapes and count a group of objects.


Understanding the World (specific area)

We will be learning to complete simple games on the laptops and ipads.


Expressive Arts and Design (specific area)

This term we are developing our imagination skills and will be exploring in the home corner.

Homework and reading books

Sound of the day worksheet will be sent home daily with your child to encourage formation, pencil control and phonics knowledge. These sheets are to stay at home and do not need to be returned. Learning Logs will be sent home every two weeks with a new challenge. They will be sent home on Friday and are to be returned the following Thursday.  

Reading books are sent home Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure your child's is in school on these days so we can change them. 


Learning Journals

Every child in Reception has a learning journal which is unique to them. The journals will illustrate the child's learning journey throughout their time in Reception. The learning journals belong to the children and their parents. Staff will add to the journals as will the children. To make the journals more personal to you and your child we are also asking parents to contribute; this can be done through photographs as well as notes about what your child has said/ been getting up to.
Please send into school any examples of your child's achievements that you would like to add to his/her journal.

At St Mary's we use 2simple an online app to record lots of amazing achievements. These can be emailed to parents throughout the school year. If you have not yet provided school with your email address please do this as soon as possible. :)


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is valued in Reception and children will be given opportunities in all weather to develop their learning and skills.  The provision set up outdoors will be linked to the learning the children carryout indoors. St. Mary's provide waterproof coats and jackets for all children but we do ask parents to provide their children with wellies and suitable clothing. Now the weather is getting warmer it is also essential that you apply all day sun cream on your child before school so they can learn and play outdoors in the sunshine.


Reading Books

Children are encouraged to explore print within class. Children will begin to learn sounds from the second week into the school year. From this the children will be encourage to segment and blend simple words. Once the children have developed their knowledge they will begin to look at books and create their own stories. The children will read in small groups and one to one in class and will take books home to share with their family and friends. Books are sent home on Tuesdays and Fridays so please ensure your child's book is in school in these days. Children also go to the local library once a week.



You can visit the link below to find over 250+ FREE ebooks!
You are your child's role model if they see you enjoying reading it is likely that they will enjoy it to, if you want your child to be a good reader it is important that you take the time to read with them daily, no more than 5 to 10 mins is needed each night.



Children will start P.E during Autumn 2 so please don't worry if your child doesn't have a kit yet. A letter will go out at the end of Autumn 1 to let you know what your child will need and when.  PE kits are to be taken home every half term to be washed. Please remember that no earrings are to be worn during P.E. to avoid accidents, if your child is unable to take their earrings out please provide them with plasters to cover the studs. 

Please note children are responsible for taking their earrings out, looking after them and putting them back in as well as putting plasters on their ears as staff are not allowed to do this. 



Rights Respecting School

St. Mary's is a Rights Respecting School, all classes from Reception to Year 6 are included. As a Rights Respecting School, children in Reception class are beginning to become familiar with their rights. The children are also learning that with rights come responsibilities, through doing this children are developing their own thinking through looking at how the Children's Rights influences their own lives as well as children from all around the world. 

For more information on children's rights please click here  and here.  


Questions, concerns and suggestions

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to speak to either Miss Henry, Miss Webber or Mrs Oliwiak.