Apps and Games.

  • LearnEnglishKids - Free British Council resources with reading comprehensions, word games and interactive stories. Great for KS1 and English-language learners. Available at: 
  • FunBrain - A variety of games for most subjects. Available at
  • Reading treasure hunt - Do join us on this Reading Treasure Hunt. Invite your families to take part at home or over a video-call with family and friends.  See We’d love to see your own families’ treasure hordes too as your children will! #ReadingTreasure

  • Summer Reading Adventure - Gearing up to enjoy the summer? Do send home this map of fun reading conquests for children. See  It prompts children to become reading adventurers – they could complete and then share with you in September! #OUReadingAdventure

  • Circle of Reading - Ten top authors have made a fun Circle of Reading Video just for us! Find out their diverse reading choices and join the circle by using the hashtag #CircleofReading. Add a picture of your favourite reading that isn’t book- bound and maybe include yourself in the snap too?! Can you guess which authors will be in the video? 

Classroom Tools.

Videos and Media.

  • Staff Stories.

 - Mrs Whitfield reads 'The Paperbag Prince' -

- Mrs Brown reads 'A Squash and a Squeeze'

 - Mr Carey reads 'How to be a Lion' -

- Miss Thomas reads 'Lost and Found' -

Miss Robinson reads 'Tog the Dog' - 

- Miss Lamb reads 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'-

- Mrs Holahan reads 'There's a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom!' -