Science games

F9 Kids Lots of Space Games

F9 Kids. Lots of Space Games


Mouth Power

Mouth Power. Learn all about how to keep your mouth nice and healthy



Futurecade. Choose from four games


Fish Food

Fish Food. Work your way up the food chain by eating everything smaller than you



Rollercoaster. Digger and the Gang keep getting stuck – Can you help?


Sprocket Rocket

Sprocket Rocket. Fly through rooms and adapt your Rocket to collect all the cogs


Teeth and Eating

Teeth and Eating. Munch Munch Munch!


Changes in Minerals

Changes in Minerals. Can you help the detectives solve the puzzles in time?


Michael Recycle

Michael Recycle. Help Michael clean up the park to stop the Litter-Bugs


Planet Science

Planet Science. A variety of science games