Children games 7-11 years old

Memory Game

Memory Game. Test your memory


Roman Mosaic

Roman Mosaic. Make a mosaic with different colours and patterns


Escape the 13th Floor

Escape the 13th Floor. Can you escape the building by finding all the objects?



Artpad. Create your own pictures and hang them in the online gallery


horrid henry

Horrid Henry. Visit Horrid Henry and his friends at his very own website



Poptropica. Travel round the Islands to complete all the games


Helicopter Game

Helicopter Game! See how far you can fly without crash landing!


Pac Man

Pac Man. See how long you can survive for in this retro classic!


Blue Peter Turkish Bazarre

Blue Peter Turkish Bazarre. Collect Turkish Delight and Blue Peter badges, but avoid baddies and the rising peril!


Name that Shark


Name that Shark. Test your Knowledge