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Our Year in Year 3!

In  PE we have learnt about team games and team building. We carried out water games, to work as a team to transport the water without spilling any.

This was our trip to Hollingworth Lake. We walked for miles!

We learnt about how rivers are formed and learnt about the names of different parts. We then looked at the habitat of the pond.

The children designed their own superheroes and created masks and capes. They then went into superhero training and had to work out the code to set the 101 Dalmatians free. Cruella DeVil had hidden clues around the hall and the children had to find them using co-ordinates and work out the clues by solving maths challenges.

This was our trip to the sea life centre. We were learning about predators and food chains. It was so much fun! We even got to see the sharks being fed, and the turtle being fed.

During the spring term, Year Three were learning about the Stone Age and the Iron Age. We took a trip on the bus to go to touchstones and we learnt lots about the era. We learnt how they made houses, and had a go at daubing ourselves. We also made some bronze coins from moulding clay. We also learnt how they made clothes and had a practise at weaving. We had a lovely afternoon.